Angelina has its house election in the intense landscape of lights and shadows of Trieste.

It seems that from there take home those women creatures from its clean and precise contours. But even more obvious is the unreality of his images, as they are suspended between the bidimensionality absolute enigmaticity in the eyes of those creatures. Trapped creatures, interspersed with, locked in a prison from which lines have no intention of leaving. Not the matter, their eyes, but without real eyes, it further, beyond the two-dimensional plane in which they are relegated, filled with a nobility that there is unknown.

A. R. Seems to cling tenaciously to his life, the Nordic origins, the land of his mother, the Netherlands, which echoes in the memory looks cool, but apparently absent. And 'very likely that his art, without the experience of the matter which is decorated faces, then professional makeup for cinema, fashion shows, video, it would certainly have a very different path. Crete, gold, amaranth, campiture nuanced and sinuous lines that make us think of a mascara that surrounds eyes otherwise empty and without expression.

But we go back to art, we are reminded of the Mitteleuropa of Egon Schiele, and we own inside, Trieste, but in a more torment content, filtered by a sensitivity grown in Italy, which leads into the Mediterranean colours, the wind and the sea of Trieste.


Gabriele Pisaneschi



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