Angelina Rusin born of Dutch mother and Italian father. As a child spends long summers in Holland, in the studio of the maternal grandfather, a well-known Dutch artist, right now proving a strong attraction to the painting. After completing her studies in Trieste she moves to Milan in 1992 where she became graduated at the international BCM as make-up artist photo-cine-theatre. Her profession brings her to travel a lot and widely to attend internationally known artists and working with the most famous fashion designers, prestigious production houses Italian and foreign photographers and directors in the implementation of advertising, short-feature films, music videos, print campaigns, fashion shows and magazines. In 1996 the encounter with the artist Salvatore Fiume brings her to the painting with more and intense passion. In 1997 she began to work with various artists, to the most diverse techniques, developing pathways through individual and experimental, her personal sense of art. In 2005 some of his paintings are chosen by the famous director Giuseppe Tornatore.




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